Monday, 31 August 2009

Things adpeople should say

Mythical references to 'adland' like it still exists
'Just like you' football simile
Mention of idea that came about during elite, high-concept technology event
Mention of idea that came about during everyday, ordinary thing because ideas can happen anywhere
Mention of idea that came about when you were being really cool (gallery opening, architecture seminar, fetish party)
TV is dead
TV isn't dead
It's not about __ any more, it's about __
Statistics show
I may be just a ___, but
It's the data, stupid
In terms of
Going forward

-Alex Bogusky (bonus points for just using first name, then acting suprised when people ask for clarification)
-Russell Davies (among planners)
-David Ogilvy (no: among colleagues, yes: among clients)
-David Miscavige (dastardly head of scientology, or impressive master of branding? This is a wildcard)
-Dave Trott (best used with 'I know him' casuality)
-Rory Sutherland (ideally, combine with a droll observation)
-A colleage, segue into self-deprecation


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